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Waste Management Plant in Nowy Dwór

Additional information

Within the contract Skanska equipped composting and sorting plant with technological lines. Sorting plant facility was furnished with sorting line built of belt conveyors, preliminary sorting chambers, screens, main chamber, ballast station, separator and numerous reception containers for sorted material.
Inside composting plant facility Skanska realized floor with channels for aeration and discharge of effluent from the hydrated material intended for composting.


Project in figures

  • waste sorting plant: 1386,28 square meters.
  • pile composting plant including: umbrella roof for composting and maturing of waste material: 3480 square meters.
  • umbrella roof for preliminary disassembly of household appliances, audio/ video devices and bulk waste: 162,11 square meters.
  • repair workshop: 239,0 square meters.
  • building waste storage yard: 3600 square meters.
  • asbestos storage site: 0,25 ha
  • municipal waste storage site: 2,59 ha with surrounding drainage trench