Bjørvika Submerged (sunken) tunnel at the centre of Oslo. The construction of the submerged tunnel was completed as a cooperation between Bam Civiel/Volker Stevin from Netherland and Skanska Norway.

The tunnel is 670 meter long and 35-40 meter wide, and consists of ten elemennts, each 112 meter long. The elements were casted in drydock at Hanøytangen outside Bergen, then towed to Oslo and installed at the bottom of the sea in the year 2008. Approx 90 000 cum concrete was used when constructing these elements. 


Olav Ytrehorn


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Civil, Roads, Underground/tunnels
Concept: Building Information Modeling/ Virtual Design & Construction
Start date: 2005
Completion date: 2009
Clients: Statens vegvesen Region Øst,Byggherrekontakt: Svein Rød,Tlf. 02030, Contact
Country: Norway
Contract value: 800 NOK
Project status: Completed


Civil project of the year 2010
The Norwegian Building Society's award for 2010.