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Sveavägen 44

  • Sveavägen 44
  • Sveavägen 44
  • Sveavägen 44
  • Sveavägen 44
  • Sveavägen 44
  • Sveavägen 44
  • Sveavägen 44
  • Sveavägen 44

Landmark property with modern influences

The office property Sveavägen 44, known to many as the Skandia building or Thule building (Skandiahuset or Thulehuset), is located in the heart of Stockholm. Skanska has been contracted by Diligentia to convert the 70-year-old building into a modern and flexible meeting point with the environment and sustainability in focus.

It is a complicated project requiring major demolition as well as expansion and renovation work. We will strengthen the foundation of the property, add two new floors, renew the façade with a modern influence and build a striking roof terrace featuring vegetation and walkways on the new roof. Furthermore, we will modernize and open up the entrance floor to strengthen the connection between the operations in the building and the city life outside. The entrance level will have a uniform layout and can be filled with new, exciting stores.

The courtyard will be rebuilt to make room for new office space. Three large light wells will be constructed that will allow daylight to flood in and create a pleasant and varied work environment.

The project, which will be completed in 2014, will be given a green stamp and our goal is to achieve an Excellent grade under the BREEAM environmental rating system.  

History behind the building

The property, which many in Sweden refer to as the Thule building or Skandia building (Thulehuset or Skandiahuset) was constructed between 1938 and 1942 by the Thule insurance company and was designed by architect Gustaf Clason. At the time, rationality and efficiency were the guiding principles and the office building was one of the most efficient in Sweden. More than 1,000 office staff sat in long lines and put post on a conveyer belt that ran in parallel with the property’s windows between the various departments. In 1963, Thule was merged with Skandia, which used the building until 2010.



Patrik Wiik
Region Hus Stockholm Syd


Service: Commercial development, Construction
Mark segment: Offices, Conference facilities
Start date: 2011
Completion date: 2014
Clients: Diligentia
Country: Sweden
City: Stockholm
Project status: Completed