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Sveavägen 44

Our assignment

Skanska has been commissioned to carry out an expansion and renovation project at Sveavägen 44 in Stockholm. The contract is a partnership agreement with the customer Diligentia. For many, Sveavägen 44 is known as the Skandia building or Thule building and is situated in central Stockholm between the streets of Sveavägen-Luntmakargatan and Tunnelgatan-Adolf Fredriks kyrkogata.

In total, the assignment comprises 53,400 square meters, of which 23,900 square meters represents newly constructed space and 29,500 square meters renovated space. When the property is completed, it will provide a welcoming and modern impression at the same time as we will endeavor to retain its original architectural appearance.

A construction project of this scope in the middle of the city presents a major challenge. We have therefore chosen to devote considerable time and resources to planning and preparatory work. We have also prepared a “Plan of construction site disposition” to optimise the flow in the worksite. We have received permission from the City of Stockholm to establish a loading area on Sveavägen to enable efficient transportation with consideration to third parties.

Major demolition work

In October 2011, we commenced demolition of the building constructed in the 1980s on the corner of Luntmakargatan-Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata as well as two stories of the Thule building facing onto Luntmakargatan-Tunnelgatan. Hydraulic shears are mainly used to carry out the demolition work, although hydraulic breakers were required for certain areas.

In addition to demolishing the upper floors of the Thule building, we also tore down all of the building’s interior and removed the old clinker slabs on the building’s façade. The front facing Sveavägen will subsequently be fitted with extra insulation and be faced with new clinker slabs, quite similar to those on the original façade.

New offices in the courtyard

We will demolish the façade facing the courtyard to enable the construction of new office environments. To ensure that the property does not collapse when demolishing the façade, we will erect temporary steel pillars to support the construction until the new framework is in place. The temporary steel, pillars and beams weigh a total of approximately 350 tons.

In what is currently the courtyard, we will excavate a new basement level that will be located under the two existing basement levels. The new basement, comprising some 700 square meters, will be used as a fan room. When we have completed the excavation work and the demolition of the inner façade, the courtyards will be built over to create new office solutions. We will also build three light wells that will extend from the roof of the property down nine stories to the entrance level. A magnificent roof terrace will subsequently be established featuring lush vegetation and walkways for tenants.

Security guards at all entrances

Building in the middle of central Stockholm is a challenge and the security of the project is highly prioritized. In addition to applying  the “General Conduct and Safety Regulations at Skanska Worksites in Sweden”, covering such aspects as safety equipment, waste management and electrical safety, we conduct safety rounds each week in which we review procedures and safety. Security guards are posted at all entrances to ensure that no unauthorized persons enter the work site and instruct and organize transportation at the site so that no other traffic is affected.