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Sveavägen 44

Sustainability and green

Converting an older property into an energy-efficient office building presents a challenge. We have set the bar high and our target for Sveavägen 44 is to achieve an Excellent grade under the BREEAM international environmental rating system. The system measures and awards points to the building’s environmental performance in a number of areas including project management, energy use, indoor climate, water consumption, waste management and impact of the immediate environment. The property’s energy consumption will be reduced by a total of 25 percent from the current level.

Indoor climate and work environment key aspects

The indoor climate and work environment comprise important focus areas as the property’s new configuration now takes shape. The well-being of those who work in the property is a priority.

The property will be highly automated and, to ensure energy efficiency, we will install energy storage installations, heat pumps solar collectors. We will also install a VAV (variable air volume) system for ventilation of the building. This creates considerable flexibility as it does not require any adaptation of the ventilation in connection with remodeling or rearrangement of office spaces.

We believe that the new roof terrace will be a meeting place that will be highly popular among many office tenants. It will be an area of flourishing vegetation and intertwining walkways. The plants will be carefully selected and are in turn expected to attract insects that will contribute to Stockholm’s biological diversity.

Apartments create diversity

As part of the expansion and renovation work, our customer Diligentia has been instructed by the City of Stockholm to build sixty new apartments in the property block to create variation in the area during daytime and evening time.